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His son Sunni went with 500 members of his Hia nationality to Hun relatives.Hia still has many common words with Altaic languages Oldest Trkic words are in Chinese annual chronicles noting cultural and political events.Sacae)=Trkco-Persian saka=water carrier Ptolemy (83? Agach-ers forest people) live Savari (Trkic Suvars), between Basternae (Tr. Greutungi dominated west of Dniestr and became known as Ostrogoths EUROPEAN HUN EMPIRE 275 - 454 A.

Weakened by poor crops, lack of surplus goods, Sumerians are conquered by Amorites, situated in Babylon Eventually recorded Chinese traditions tell of Kia, 17th member of old Chinese Hia dynasty, dethroned due to evil ways.

Pi-van moves capital to the East to Loi or Tsyaju, supposedly because capital with some Chjou territory was under "barbarians" because of disturbances. Much of Persian literature in Persepolis is not in Iranian but in aboriginals' Elamite language that up until last century was also called Scythian About 500-600 BC Hungarians moved south to steppes, where, according to linguistic evidence, they took animal breeding from Chuvash people, as a high proportion of words specific to agriculture in Hungarian language are of Chuvash origin Scythians who make this journey (via Budini (Been/Peenek, Budun=Trk. W of Tanais (Don) and fifteen days' journey N of Sarmate, dwell Budini, "blue-eyed and bright red-haired", whose territory is thickly wooded with trees of every kind Persepolis inscription text is "Darius Hystapes (522-486) rex popularum bonorum posui.

Later Tsin rulers Syan-gun and Ben-gun captured this territory. As - nomad, Gz, Kish, Kiji - tribe, people) whom Assyrians welcomed as allies and used against Cimmerians, against Medes and even against Egypt. clan, nation, people), Thyssagetae (Tis-Saka-it =Trk. Hi adorationem igni mihi attulere: Choana, Media, Babilon, Asyria, Guthrata, Armenia, Cappadocia, Sapardia [Sabir], Hunae." In Issyk fifth-century B. Sak's kurgan in town in Kazakhstan near Lake Issyk (Issiq), in a royal tomb, in 1970 is found a flat silver drinking cup jar with Trkic Issyk Inscription in Trkic alphabet, attesting that Sak-Massagetan tribes spoke Trkic Philip II of Macedonia (382-336 BC), king of Macedonia, is buried in kurgan per Macedonian custom.

According to Armenians Baktria is land of Kush and Balkh is its capital city, where great Arsac set up his throne.

Kushana king Kujula, ruler of Central Asian nomads, overthrew the Parthians and took over Gandhara.

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