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Now I figured out that this issue depends on which filesystem the tex and pdf file are stored.If they are on a NTFS system, everything works fine.Some of the old content is still be missing, but it will be available soon.We have released the next stable version of the new Te Xnic Center 2.0 development branch. It is certainly stable enough to replace Te Xnic Center Version 1. Most noteworthy: Highlights: We need your help for the further development of Te Xnic Center. Hitting the r-key helps to get the updated file, recompiling doesn't. But when you then change something in your tex file and compile again, Sumatra shows in the title "[Changes detected; refreshing] pdf file name" (or in German: "[Datei wurde geändert; aktualisiere...] pdf file name") and Sumatra doesn't update/refresh the pdf.

* Fixed Bug #253: Error if en_is not installed * Fixed link to download dictionaries Templates * Fixed long-standing issue that templates have to be inside a subfolder.TXC features autocompletion and comes with La Te X templates.W3bstore manages orders, inventory and fulfillment across online and retail locations.I tested and could 100% reproduce the behaviour with Windows 7 64 bit Te Xnic Center 2.02 stable, 64 bit (settings for the DDE commands as described on the Sumatra help pages) Sumatra 2.5.1, 2.5.2, 3.1.0 (64bit), 3.1.1 (64bit) I hope I could help people with similar problems and maybe the next version solves this issue. We rely on OS to notify us about changes in a given directory and it works on NTFS and doesn't work on other file systems (over network, fat etc.). Not everyone can format their filesystem or work on local folders.Maybe you could use the oldschool approach and close the file before compiling (with DDE close command?

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* Fixed Bug #319: Titlebar does not update on project creation.

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