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We were just saying today that when we retire, he can claim the kitchen back again and I’ll gladly pass it over to him. When sorting cattle, bear the following in mind: (sorting means dividing a batch of calves or cattle into 2 groups, perhaps separating male from female calves or dividing them according to size/thrive).

Apart from the fact that people will know lots about you, you may be judged on the quality of your own ‘signature dish’ so it’s great if you have one up your sleeve.

It simply means that it has slightly more black on its coat than its comrades. ‘The bull, let the bull in’ doesn’t help when you have 3 calves heads coming towards you and you can’t see between their legs.

‘The biggest one’ – You must learn to tell the difference in size between calves, even if one is only an inch or so taller than the other.

Instead, there’s no time to get sick – according to farmer husband.

Driving children to activities coincides with milking cows.

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