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First, we offer a photo verification service where users take a picture of themselves holding a piece of paper with “Tour Bar” on it, so that their photos are matched up with their profile photos.(This image is kept private.) Then, we require that users send in a copy of a photo ID, such as a passport or driver’s license, to verify their name, age and identity.Name: Anastasia Zolotova Position Within Company: PR Manager Period Of Time In The Role: I was appointed as PR Manager for Tour Bar in September 2014, although I started out Tour Bar’s Product Manager when I joined the company in January 2014.Twitter: @tourbarcom Tell us a little about your company.Over the key Valentine’s Day period, we offered a free trial of our full membership to those that signed up on the day and this proved to be very successful.As such, we’re considering launching more promotions via the website. Tour Bar offers three different comprehensive verification processes.

How long has the site been live, and how many users do you currently have?

Tour Bar is a social networking website and mobile app that has just celebrated its first birthday.

It’s designed to help travellers find a date or travel companion to buddy up with on a trip.

One of Tourbar’s unique user features is the ability to operate as a “city guide” for other travellers. The City Guide aspect of Tour Bar is very unique and has proved a really popular offering on our website and mobile app.

It’s really beneficial to those that love travelling and are interested in meeting fellow travellers but have no immediate travel plans of their own.

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Our team of moderators actually approves each photo that’s uploaded to the website.

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