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Oh, and the verb aspect get’s REALLY verby.2) What’s your favorite guitar and why? Outside of the guitar I built with Fender, which I play live a lot, I really love my 95′ American Standard Tele. Early on I replaced bridge pickup with a Dimarzio Fast Track T and it rips pretty hard. It goes from lighter overdrive to full blown fuzz, and has a few different diode selections which are really cool. For duh.15) Favorite FOB concert/appearance of all time Without a doubt doing the Spinal Tap trapped in the pod/mini Stone Henge with Harry Shearer on Conan.

4) Name the person, living or dead, who had the best facial hair of all time I think Bill Murray looks like a very handsomest boy with a mustache.5) If you had ,000,000 to spend on one thing, what would it be? During the fall is the best time for that.9) If you were alive in the 1300’s, what job would you have had? Such an honor and Harry Shearer is an awesome, hilarious guy.

I think a lot of mid to late 90s hardcore bands would fit into that category. You close the door and start fangirling so much that you have to literally get a brown paper bag and breath in and out. Also, you can follow me on Instagram @fandxmtube and say I read your story on Wattpad and I'll follow you back! You meet me here and we'll go somewhere." "It's a date! He walks down your driveway and disappears into the night. " and then you four continued to talk about the next day for the rest of the night. Please remember to vote, and then you should check out my other stories.He has such an amazing face with his beautiful brown eyes, and amazing lips. You realize who the stranger is under the hood and you stand there star struck. " You scream into the phone as you're walking own the street alone. " You don't talk for a little while listening to your friends bicker over the phone trying really hard not to yell at the top of your lungs that they're all idiots and Joe is the ultimate champion of the hotness contest for Fall Out Boy members. You realize you're still on the phone and they call your name out asking why aren't answering. "You do realize it's asking every bit of self control I have not to jump you and hug you, right?

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