Trouble updating iphone 3gs to ios 5

Most commonly the largest space hogs are the music, videos, podcasts and i Tunes U.

If the largest items are your media, then all you have to do is un-sync those items with i Tunes, or delete them from your device.

After you’ve made enough space on your i OS device (around 2.5 GB – 3 GB of available storage space) then your device should have no problem updating to i OS 6.

So, if you want to update your i Phone to i OS 5, then you will need to jailbreak by creating a custom firmware (pre-jailbroken) for your device.In fact if you setup your device as a new device instead of restoring from a backup there is a good chance that you’ll actually see an increased amount of available space.This is mainly because it won’t restore all your old caches and any possible corrupt backup data that may try to migrate over from your backup.The difference between un-syncing and deleting is that un-sync with i Tunes will keep the app data so that when you re-sync the app, all the settings and other app information will also be synced back.Whereas all of the app data will be permanently lost if you simply delete the app from your device.

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