Unbearable lightness of dating

The book has that sexy whiff of the Eastern Bloc to it (very effective on anyone who hasn't been immunized by an actual relationship with an Eastern European), it's full of young people having complex, turgid sex with one another, and since the first sentence of the book mentions 'Nietzsche', it is ipso facto philosophical.

It doesn't hurt, either, that Milan Kundera's craggy, intellectual face with the thunderbolt eyebrows is staring from the back cover.

Later in life, she had to confront the siege of Leningrad, a vicious set of attacks by Stalinist critics, a twenty-five year embargo on her work, and her son's incarceration in the Gulag. And with so many early poems about getting all fluttery over men, there's a lot of potential here for the young swain.I have gotten myself in trouble circulating this book to people who believe alcoholism is a Serious Social Problem Not To Be Made Light Of, but that itself serves a useful filtering function.Predictably this is an excellent book to read while drinking.In that short window of time, your partner is still a delicious mystery to you, an enigmatic and discerning being, and to her you are a dark continent of adventure and excitement, waiting to be explored.And so you lend her books that are funny, playful, and good subway reading, but also complex enough to hint at your Hidden Depths.

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