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Less than 500 years ago, this land had tens of millions of people, from thousands of different cultures that lived from the Arctic to the tip of South America, and spread from one coast to the other, in every environment on these continents.

We lived, we breathed, we fought, we loved, we made mistakes and we grew as a part of the earth.

Yet they lived differently and destructively, as they came to take us off our lands and shuffle us together like garbage into some of the harshest places where people already lived.

They thrived but now had to compete for the substances that keep people living and spiritually alive.

If stopped in a car, there is a good chance it will be taken and tested.

Many aspects of the Pan-Indian icon image have infiltrated the media.

I refer to the long-standing tradition of grouping all natives into one basic image of a man, almost naked, a peace pipe in his hand and a feathered headdress on his long-haired head, and no clue about the “modern” world.

Some were just cooking spices, but almost any ceremonial herb in the Americas have been illegal at some point.

Some pipe herbs used include sage, mints, salvia, peyote, mullen, cannabis, and many others.

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