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There are two key problems with the timesheets feature that in turn, cause labour costs in MS Project to be inaccurate. GUID ISSUE: During the period of Jan 2015 (could have started earlier, this is when we started using the product) through to Sep 2016, the timesheets tables were producing unidentifiable GUIDs in the Project Id, Task Id, and Assignment Id fields.Essentially whenever a new timesheet line/row was inserted into one of the timesheet tables, instead of the system retrieving the corresponding GUID from the project/task/assignment tables, it would just insert a random GUID.VA Actuals algorithmically surface the most comparable adjusted and estimated actuals from sell side models and is available via the Options panel under ”Sources.” How do VA Actuals work?

Please note that Visible Alpha may not update the filings number in this case.

We are excited to introduce a new dataset that brings a new level of sophistication to the comparability of historical fundamentals: VA Actuals.

The sell side has traditionally adjusted their numbers to better reflect the operating basis of a company, making comparisons of performance more consistent between time periods.

Timesheet Owner (as per Timesheet Lines table) presses Submit on the Timesheet screen - the Timesheet Status (Timesheet Lines) value changes from "In Progress" (or new timesheet line entry is added to the table if it doesn't already exist) to "Approved" and the Timesheet Line Status (Timesheet Lines) value changes to "Pending Approval". The Report Status Manager (as per Tasks table) presses Accept on the Approvals screen - the Timesheet Line Status (Timesheet Lines) changes from "Pending Approval" to "Approved". The Report Status Manager (as per Tasks table) presses Publish on the Status Updates History screen - the Timesheet Approver Resource Name (Timesheet Lines) field is populated with the Report Status Manager (Tasks) name, and the values in Actual Work Billable (Timesheet Line Actual Data Set) are copied across to Assignment Actual Work (Assignment Timephased Data Set) We are seeing two types of mismatches; the first appears to occur when the Accept button is pressed on the Approvals page.

For some reason, the Timesheet Line Status value isn't successfully updating to "Approved" (see point 2 above).

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