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Typically, input-output data are collected at long intervals (usually five years or more), while national income and product data are available annually, but with a lag.

Supporting data also come from a variety of sources; e.g., censuses of manufacturing, labor surveys, agricultural data, government accounts, international trade accounts, and household surveys.

The traditional RAS approach requires that we start with a consistent SAM for a particular year and “update” it for a later year given new information on row and column sums.

This paper extends the RAS method by proposing a flexible entropy difference approach to estimating a consistent SAM starting from inconsistent data estimated with error, a common experience in many countries.

There is a continuing need to use recent and consistent multisectoral economic data to support policy analysis and the development of economywide models.

Updating and estimating input-output tables and Social Accounting Matrices (SAMs) for a recent year is a difficult and a challenging problem.

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