Updating datasource using dataadapter

On the SQL Data Adapter button-click event handler, you'll write code to read data from a SQL Server datasource and fill data to the data grid. Creating a Windows Forms application and adding controls to the form Listing 5-44 shows the source code for the Ole Db Data Adapter button click, and Listing 5-44 shows the source code for the SQL Data Adapter button click, and Listing 5-45 shows the source code for the SQL Data Adatper button click.

As you can see, you follow the same steps as before.

Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free .) to update my msaccess db. Value = pub ID Try my Adapter = New Oledb Data Adapter(obj Cmd) add Scema() my Adapter. Close() end try end sub sub update Child() dt Pub Table = c Type(view State("pub Table"),datatable) dt Pub Table. Columns.remove("Pub Role") dim str SQL as string = "SELECT tbl Pub Author. App Settings("Str Connection" )) dim obj Cmd As New Ole Db Command() Dim obj Param As Ole Db Parameter With obj Cmd . Contribution " & _ "FROM tbl Pub Author " & _ "WHERE (((tbl Pub Author.Next set the properties to Ole Db Data Adapter and SQL Data Adapter.After setting these properties, the form will look like figure 5-40.

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The Fill method retrieves rows from the data source using the SELECT statement specified by an associated Select Command property.

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