Updating old quicken files

Like i Bank, Moneydance also has online support forums where you can mingle with other users as well as support staff – or just search for people who have asked similar questions in the past.Another very nice aspect of Moneydance is that it has a public API, which means that users can right custom extensions to add desired features and customizations.In fact, I used the exact same QIF export file for Moneydance that I used for i Bank.If you need details on exporting to QIF, check out my previous post. When it comes up, choose “Import File.” Next, be sure that the “From Another Program” button is selected – if you don’t, your categories will get screwed up.If you’re not certain you want the existing file erased, click Cancel and give the file you’re restoring a different name.

Given that Moneydance costs (though you can easily get a discount; more below) I wasn’t too crazy about this highly restrictive trial.

I ended up with bizarre (and hugely negative) balance in our bank accounts, etc. Some of the balances were off by a bit, but it was close enough that I figured I could sort it out.

I thus decided to start from scratch, but skip the “Import Account Info Only” step. The most obvious problem was that certain types of split deposits got screwed up.

Right off the bat, I noticed that Moneydance isn’t nearly as pretty as i Bank.

The interface is rather utilitarian, and the graphs are line and pie graphs similar to what you might cook up in Excel if you didn’t have a lot of time to pretty things up.

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