Updating opensuse 11 dating advice post college

If you’re on previous versions of open SUSE you can do an inplace upgrade to 11.2 by using zypper.

AMD RADEON 6990 2 Cores. T8Hfi ------------------------------------------------------------------------ stamostolias's Profile: I'll finish the security update before I complain any more!Open a terminal and type [CODE] su - zypper up [/CODE] before you do that you have to stop the updater applet. -- PC: o S 11.3 64 bit | Intel Core2 Quad [email protected] | KDE 4.6.2 | Ge Force 9600 GT | 4GB Ram Eee PC 1201n: o S 11.4 64 bit | Intel Atom [email protected] | KDE 4.6.0 | n Vidia ION | 3GB Ram Actually a '#' in front of a command indicates that it should be run as root. Running su -c 'zypper ref' gives (summary only): The following product is going to be reinstalled: open SUSE 11.4 The following package is going to change architecture: apparmor-profiles i586 - noarch 212 packages to upgrade, 76 new, 1 to remove, 1 to change arch. After the operation, additional 234.5 Mi B will be used. ) another way of saying that is: your question has mostly nothing to do with the thread it landed in..I hope under Gnome this works: Right click on its symbol at the bottom of your screen an choose "exit" or "close" or whatever it is called there. :-) -- gropiuskalle ------------------------------------------------------------------------ gropiuskalle's Profile: t=458790 @Stamos: Are you assuming everyone is running open SUSE with root permissions? But it would better to write as Knurpht said with a su, because many new users do not know it. Desktop: Open SUSE 11.4

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Use the same steps as above, although you probably wouldn’t have to change any repos, just disable the Factory and go ahead with the upgrade!

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