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While hes within a certain radius of the player, he will follow the waypoints for his schedule, going indoors, to the tavern, etc etc, but while the player is away, he doesnt exist.

There are many causes for objects to stutter when being moved in Unity.

Another technique I sometimes use is I don't store coordinates, I store a formula with time as an input.

That way, and object never actually NEEDS updated unless it's motion changes for some reason, and the rendering code just applies that formula to figure out where to draw it.

Unity has a variable named delta Time Note: Using only delta Time alone may still give stutter at lower framerates or at higher movement speeds.

Estimate the number of those objects you want in your game. It always seemed like a lot of things to take care of for the use of a simple game loop, but is that how it's done?

I believe skyrims NPC/etc are motionless or not even spawned until you get within a certain distance of them.

So that you aren't comparing everything vs everything.

Do particle engines do the whole "loop through every particle and update it" thing?

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