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In the first month, once the employees that kept the fleet vehicles overnight were advised that unauthorized use was going to be tracked, we saved well over 0!!! I highly recommend the minimal costs it takes to have onestepgps service.

Each month the savings, compared to those of the same months in the past years, have been about the same. Additionally, the tracking system helps in assigning service calls to those trucks geographically located near the address of the customers. I saved over 0 the first week of service and have been able to keep track of my company vehicles with ease.

Featuring the very latest home network server software so you can now connect this reciver to your home lan netowkr and stream many movies, pictures, music you already have on your pc direct to this reciver Using a external USB hard disk you can pause and record!

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We’re so confident that you’ll love them that we offer a no risk 30-day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied for any reason. I installed their products on my service trucks and the next day I caught my employees stealing my truck and tools to go work for themselves.

Cancellations are so rare that we even cover shipping both ways. I never thought that would happen with these employees. We were looking into GPS service for our small fleet of vehicles.

Perfect for anti-theft and location tracking on everything from vehicles, construction equipment, trailers and much more.Internal antenna, 200m Ah back up battery, with optional power take off (PTO) monitoring and additional add-ons include Remote power shut off.The Hardwired GPS tracker is smaller than a pack of cards (3.684 x 2.002 x 0.775”), can be concealed anywhere.I called and ordered another unit for anotherr truck and it was a breeze. We have a small family owned HVAC company in South Jersey.Our initial contact with the representatives of One Step was professional, pleasant, and personable.

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