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Other customers were not impressed with the quality of the customer support team assigned to this device, stating that it was either poor or virtually nonexistent.

While some reviews were not as positive as others, no clear explanation as to what was wrong with the device was given.

The Valentine One V1 has multiple radar antennas making it one of the best on the market at the moment.

One of the most impressive features that comes with this model is the fact that instead of both facing forward, the Valentine One V1 has one forward facing antenna and one backward facing antenna.

First and foremost, this Valentine One model has been reported to detect speed cameras from as far as a mile away.

With this in mind, it can give you plenty of time to slow down before getting caught by a cop car.

Many do not detect certain types of speed cameras and are not compatible with other accessories that make for a full and seamless driving experience.

When making your final purchase decision, it is important that you choose a modern model that is able to detect even the newest types of speed cameras.

Not only this, by purchasing your radar detector from Amazon, you’ll be able to check out the hundreds of real customer reviews on the site.Lastly, one of the key reasons Valentine One is one of the leading radar detector manufacturers is because, despite the fact that the design of the company’s devices has remained the same since 1992, even older models can be sent back for a hardware and software update.While charges do apply, this is something not seen with any other manufacturer in the industry today.The Valentine One radar detector is a great device.It allows you to continue at a regular speed without having to worry about speed cameras and red lights.

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