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:) I'm really confused here, EVOX boots up first, and then you need to boot up XBMC *FROM* EVOX..even if you deleted XBMC I don't see how that's a problem?

it's like deleting MS Word, as long as Windows is still there, I can't see why your PC wouldn't boot up? )That allowed me FTP access to the box so I could upload the XBMC files.

Can someone please please tell me exactly what to do (i.e. Corvus, how exactly did you land back on your feet?

If you do not have an existing video library, you will need to create one by following the Create Video Library guide.

Yeah, I think they've squeezed every last bit of functionality out of the box lol. The only problem you have is that your xbox reads a little file on C: that tells it to boot F:\Apps\XBMC\default.xbe, but the files in F:\Apps\XBMC are corrupt.Maybe it's a hint that they're working on something? (please God)Actually I'm curious as to why with all these scripts around, no one has made an open-source browser for the xbox. In the readme, it suggests a DVD-R should also work however my Xbox continues to report unreadable disk?To be honest, I haven't come across a boot disc that works on a DVD-R with the original Xbox... However, the problem I was having was due to human error (admittedly). :( burn slayers evox 2.6 iso onto a QUALITY dvdreg verbatim/Ritekput disk in drive and reset Make sure you are pressing the power button not the eject button to turn on.Try following this guide: forums.xbox-scene.com/in...=ST&f=16&t=89545. I don't actually have an Xbox, so I can't say if it's helpful at all, but it does go through the process step-by-step, so hopefully it's of some value.

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Although I have realised they've added mouse support, which is interesting. Simply replacing them with 'good' files will fix the problem.

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