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Probably you'd be just fine on foot, but the peace of mind that a cab fare would buy you would probably be worth it.You should be fine if you are walking in well travelled areas, e.g. As long as there is other pedestrian traffic you should be just fine.It's when you find yourself in neighborhoods where there aren't other people in the area that you might want to rethink your plans.I don't mean to scare you off -- these are steps that a woman OR a man should follow when walking in ANY city alone.I feel as safe walking through Chicago at night as, say, Atlanta or New Orleans, and probably somewhat safer than San Francisco or Washington. I never said I thought the guy was complimenting me.

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Africa & the Middle East Asia Australia & the Pacific Canada Caribbean Europe Mexico & Central America South America United States Air Travel Cruises Travel Tips & Trip Ideas Forums Help View All Forums I am going to Chicago alone for a week. I parked my car at my boyfriend's house near Clark and Montrose, then walked up to the red line station at Wilson.

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