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Within this list, you must also identify third-party cookies such Google Analytics and any other outside software you use.

You can find a list of which cookies are used by Google Analytics here.

These tiny text files that are saved within each user’s browser will record data about the visitor’s activity which is then sent to Google and, in turn, used to create those incredibly useful analytical reports.

This chart lists a few of the cookies implemented by Google Analytics: Of course, Google Analytics offers far more information about consumers than their usage data, but we will get into that later.

First and foremost, write a simple cookies clause for your Privacy Policy that briefly explains what a cookie is and why it is used.Mention that your site uses cookies and that third-party affiliates, like Google Analytics, will also implement cookies to collect information about user activity on your website.The Australian Government includes both a brief description of cookies and Google Analytics: In addition, it is highly recommended to create a separate Cookies Policy that explains your use of cookies.In short, they can help you to create ads that follow users around the internet, reminding them about products they viewed on your website.While this is becoming standard practice for internet advertising, not all users are comfortable with this level of tracking.

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After all, can you guarantee that not one person from those countries will ever use your website? Along with the minimum privacy requirements from Google, there are government regulatory agencies to consider as well.

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