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If he'll do all that for cybersex, how far will he go for the real thing ? Had this same exact thing done to me once upon a time.

The message I get is that he decided to have a little fun online. Maybe he is incapable of having an honest relationship. The president got a blowjob and denied it was even sexual relations, but when it is with the one you love it is indeed. Sounds quacky, but you need to find out what is going on inside his head. In our case, we both enjoy cybering now and then and if the other comes in we'll give helpful hints and assistance. Apologizing is often more a way to cut off communication than anything else. Jamie My original of this situation is in help, please read and then refer to this afterward. We had arranged to meet online again and hubby really wanted to show these boxers! She even went as far to ask me where he was when i logged in the email. A few (couple) days later my mom needed to get in touch with her sister. He said no but, i don't really think he is being totatlly honest. Or do I have no business being in the swingers lifestyle I look forward to you imput on this troubling situation. "I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer." --Albert Camus I just wanted to thank everyone for their input on this situation. As I have brought it up several times to talk about it. So I know he doesn't want to come right out and say, he doesn't want me to go on a webcam. I too am like Night Goddess in the sense that I don't really understand. In your original posting you make no mention of it (unless I missed it) and in the second topic you say that you were talking/chatting/webcamming with other swingers. Maybe swinging might have to be put on hold until you two get things out a little more in the open and have some ground rules.

He should keep his Valentines shorts for you and you only. Many couples can still be ok after the cheating but only if you can talk it out. On the other hand, he is trying to hide his activities from you and that is not a good thing. It just seems like he is embarrassed about his sexuality. He in turn replied, and mentioned he wanted to show her his Valentine boxers. Turned out we were unable to get online that eventing and we didn't get to go. I think that my husband was showing his boxers for Valentine's day!??? He's making an emotional, sexual connection with another human being (not to mention trying to hide it from you.) Just because he's using a computer to do it does not change the facts. You need to confont him with your feelings and talk this out with him. Believe me, they won't be shocked by what you tell them and they'll be professional about it. ) A third party can be a big help in opening up communication. I'm not challenging you, I just can't get a handle on the situation. I would do just what he did, although i realize two wrongs don't make a right. Then the following night i went to get the webcam and it was works out of town, and When I talked to him on the phone, he said he took it, b/c of the trouble he was having over it.? maybe someone has been through a simaliar situation. You did not actually do it you just presented the idea in a question form of how he would feel. Him taking the webcam is demonstrating that he really does care but he lied to you again then tried to limit your ability to do what he actually feared you might do. john Wetsunshine, I took the liberty two join both threads as they deal with the same situation. He said sorry, but you didn't say he would not do it again. Taking the web cam seems a little weird in my book unless he gave you a good reason.

I'm sure others can fill in more of the blanks I draw as a male with a dick. Many people on here won't, and do it all the time, but with either an unsaid permission or a verbalized one. I bet Bill never thought his 'lagacy' would be linquistic !!! I know this is a personal and troubling situation for you. I cant remember who said it first but I totally agree. We get on cam together and that is just plain rules for us. It is up to the person catching the act to determine that. What you said about getting on cam doing the same thing is a "get-back".

If I was doing in here what the thread is based on my wife would kill me.

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