This official information will tell you that Dutch prostitutes have to charge VAT and issue payment receipts fro their sexual services such as sex and oral satisfaction.

There is another comprehensive Amsterdam prostitution guide as well as a piece by Wikipedia about prostitution in the Netherlands.

Great site with lots of devotion: Detailed maps of Amsterdam's red-light districts combined with pictures and useful articles for visitors, specially those who are on their first trip.

It deals with many aspects that are unique to A'dam.

See how guys have sex with Dutch hookers inside Amsterdam sajt erotske sadržine namenjen isključivo punoletnim osobama!Ukoliko ste mlađi od 18 godina, molimo Vas da napustite naš sajt!The site includes guides to other Dutch RLDs like Alkmar and Haarlem.Belgian brothels from Gent, Brussels and The Hague are featured as well. Latest news is the Amsterdam brothel closed down as ordered by a court due to their relation to organized crime as published by A'dam government and wikipedia. Maybe the person in charge can not be reached to switch it off LOL Sukhsant hosts a handful of experienced Oriental therapists from Thailand that are proficient in various Thai massage styles and are keen on tenderness.

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