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Unlike any other rapper, Lil has maintained his personal profile a low key and hardly talks about his relationship status in the media.He has not even hinted a single girl to be his love of life.Some sites believe he is in a relationship with an unknown girl, however, we cannot really confirm the news as there is no solid proof. However, the young star is definitely not a married man.When the time is right, we believe the rising star will come forward and give all the details about his juicy love life just like another famous rapper Travis Scott, who is dating a makeup mogul Kylie Jenner.Adulthood began with a bang for Madison who in that very same year, had a link to one of her You Tube cover songs tweeted out by Justin Bieber, one of the world’s most popular music star.

As she grew older, her love grew stronger and she devoted herself to learning musical instruments such as the piano, drums, and guitar on the internet and from music books.Since then, life has been very different for the New York-born singer.Learn more about her and her career by reading below.While she educated herself on the technicalities of music, she received formal education at Jericho Middle School.As a child born in the age of the internet and the existence of platforms like You Tube, she took her passion for music to You Tube and created a channel where she began uploading her cover of popular songs. It was the same year she celebrated her Bat Mitzvah as a Jewish girl, celebrating her entry into adulthood.

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Music is a great way to connect with millions of people, and the best musicians know how to sing the heart of the people.

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