What do men look for in a dating profile

Michele Peppler is the Barefoot Queen - A down to earth dating, relationships & lifestyle coach, mentor & transformational facilitator of all matters life, love & connection.Through her business ‘Be the Queen’, and signature program ‘Be the Queen to Call in Your King’ she supports ‘everywoman’ to realize herself as a woman of high worth, by getting real about who she is, what she wants & teaches her how to create her life & relationships from this place.

Relax them a little: they may be keeping you from your future wife (she’s 5’9, by the way, and dying to meet you). Who is that lone scoundrel who doesn’t enjoy ‘going out, but also staying in sometimes’? Cute girls with glasses, who you can talk about Netflix shows intelligently with. But you’re not going to find them by putting the word ‘sapiosexual’ in your profile.

This strategy is the rough equivalent of a bakery putting a cake in a garbage bag.

Nobody’s buying your sad garbage bag, no matter how good the cake is. If you don’t have any recent photographs of you, DON’T add photos from the company trip that you went on 4 years ago. Pester, bribe, or threaten one of your friends until they agree to take a picture of you in natural light doing natural things like eating, standing, or sitting.

Write down some things that you’ve experienced that set you apart from everybody else.

Ask your friends what they found most surprising about you.

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