When did ronnie and sammi start dating

Sammie says she "done." He apologizes and says he loves her. Sammi plays some emotional games (such as searching Ronnie's phone and telling him he can go out but really "testing" him to see if he'll stay with her).Ronnie plays emotional games by cheating and then coming home to his sort've-girlfriend. Then Ronnie does something stupid and Sammie says she's "done." And then they make up, snuggle.She'd have to be dumb not to listen to all the evidence that's smacking her in the face.But here's the rub: most of us, if not all of us, have either been in a similar situation or had a friend just like Sammi.Whenever we see people in abusive situations who don't seem willing to be, as Sammi says so frequently, "done," we react with bewilderment and frustration without taking a moment to remember how different and confounding the feelings can be from the inside.It's so much more complex than a lot of people want to believe.Sammi is not stupid: she is human and if what MTV shows us is accurate, she is a victim of abuse.Interestingly, while MTV decided to air the number for an abuse helpline after the infamous Snooki-gets-punched incident, there's been little explicit attention paid to the abusive nature of Sammi and Ronnie's relationship.

Just like him, she flirted with other people at clubs, even getting some guys' numbers.More stupid stuff, "done," "BUT WAIT I LOVE YOU SAMMI! It got so bad that the girls in the house decided to write Sammi a note about all Ronnie's infidelities.Sammi reads the note, it's very dramatic, she claims this is the last straw, but ultimately Ronnie tells her he loves her and he's sorry (again) and they appear to be back together.I can, in that sense, relate to how Sammi must feel.She's acting stupidly and unwisely, but I don't think what she's doing in front of America is any different than what many of us have done or seen our friends do in a way that isn't as public.

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Say what you will about the Jersey Shore cast, but people are people and each and every one of us deserves love and respect.

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