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His music scene debut began in 1985 as a beat box for Roxanne Shante of the Juice Crew.From then Biz began constructing his own destiny in the mystifying world of rap and hip-hop.The Biz Markie brand has also achieved commercial success for corporate sponsors such as Capt’n Crunch, Verizon, Pepsi Cola Corporation, Budweiser and more.Biz also provides music entertainment for various political fund-raising and awareness events.

This scene was likely inspired by the video for the 1986 hit "Rock Me Amadeus", which was in turn inspired by the 1984 film Amadeus.Sales of the album were already low when Markie was served a lawsuit by Gilbert O'Sullivan, who claimed that the album's "Alone Again" featured an unauthorized sample from his hit "Alone Again (Naturally)". Records Inc., that altered the landscape of hip-hop, finding that all samples must be cleared with the original artist before being used.O'Sullivan's claim was upheld in a landmark ruling, Grand Upright Music, Ltd. In accordance with the ruling, Warner Bros., the parent company of Cold Chillin', had to pull I Need a Haircut from circulation, and all companies had to clear samples with the samples' creators before releasing the records.Now 30 years older and immensely wiser, Biz continues to be universally praised by the ever-fickle and unforgiving hip-hop industry.No easy feat to accomplish, Biz is the definition of longevity and has managed to remain one of the most notable artists and DJs in the industry.

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