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She needs the work in order to afford to live at the hotel.Graham disappears most of the day, rarely talking about where he’s been and what he’s done.In fact, all of the residents are being profoundly touched by their surroundings and by each other.Some will find exactly what they’re looking for; others will be disappointed and others will be surprised.Each character gets at least a few scenes to shine in; most remarkable are Dench, Wilkinson, Nighy, Smith and Wilton. Dench does a voiceover (which is the vocalization of the blog she’s writing) that is actually non-intrusive and well-written rather than a lot of Hollywood voice-overs which tend to be the writers showing off how well they can turn a phrase.Wilkinson and Nighy are two of the most consistent actors in Hollywood; Nighy often gets parts that are kind of far-out, but here his character is a decent man, worn down from years of living with a shrew.Muriel, whose racially insensitive views made some uncomfortable, begins to come around after her successful surgery and befriends a maid of the Untouchable class.When she gives her some advice on how to better sweep the pavement, the maid is very grateful, despite Muriel’s discomfort.

Finally Graham Dashwood (Wilkinson) who is a retired high court judge, grew up in India and seeks to find a lost love.

I know younger people might find the subject matter of seniors trying to fit into the world uninteresting to them but for those who don’t reject the subjects of India and the elderly out of hand, this is a movie you’ll find tremendously rewarding. TRIVIAL PURSUIT: The novel that Jean is reading is INDIA LOVERS: The area around Jaipur is shown with equal parts crumbling, decaying poverty and ancient beauty.

The countryside is equally inviting and for those who haven’t considered visiting India, this acts as a pretty compelling reason to go.

The new residents all react in different ways to their environments.

Evelyn takes a job at the call center as a consultant to help the employees, including Sunaina whom she forms a friendship with, how to speak to elderly British sorts.

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They’re not on a holiday or a tour – they are moving to the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, a budget-priced retirement facility which claims in their advertisements that they have all the amenities needed so that they might spend their golden years in comfort and luxury.

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