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And it’s funny because that is the audience that I think big studios are always trying to target.

Plenty of other Asian actors are making a place for themselves online too.

If Hollywood won’t cast you and you’re not ready to pack up your bags and move to Asia, there is another option: the Internet. v=PMJI1Dw83Hc Eugene Lee Yang is a video producer at Buzz Feed.

A few years ago his bosses started asking him to get in front of the camera too.

v=2gy-a Frypq A “There’s so much baggage with that role," Chiou says.

“Long Duk Dong was so formative in so many people’s perception of Asian-Americans, and it’s so powerful.” Asian men have a unique set of stereotypes to contend with.

Asian and black men are consistently rated the worst by female users, but Asian men have a unique disadvantage: unlike other minorities, they’re not even the top pick for their female counterparts on the website. These trends seem to translate to movies and TV too.

Only three men of Asian descent have ever won an Academy Award for acting, fewer than any other ethnic group.

He is a leading man in every way.” But, Yang says, “He has mostly been making movies in Korea because they love him there, and don’t love him as much here.” In a 2014 email leaked in the Sony hack, screenwriter and producer Aaron Sorkin wrote that adapting a novel with an Asian protagonist for the big screen is difficult because “there aren’t any Asian movie stars.” Yang acknowledges there’s some truth to the statement, but says it ignores the bigger problem: The fact that there are no big stars that are Asian-American — and I’m saying big, huge, household names — that is a factor.

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I was saying: great friends and a great place to stay - what more could you ask for?

Sagittarius Carson City, Michigan, United States Daniel Henney went to the Carson City-Crystal High School and graduated in 1998.

He later got enrolled at the Albion College on a sports scholarship.

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