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The TV shows Real name: Stephanie Courtney Estimated net worth: million If you have a sharp eye, you’ve probably seen Stephanie Courtney on TV going back to her first role in 1998.To us, she is and will always be Flo from Progressive.He has other credits on his resume, such as the Tom Cruise movie Real name: Dean Winters Estimated net worth: million If you argue Dean Winters as Mayhem is one of the most annoying commercial stars around, we’ll respect your opinion, but honestly, the Allstate ads make us laugh.Winters is an accomplished actor outside commercials, too.Let’s meet 15 annoying commercial stars who have a ton of money in the bank.

In the span of two years, he had 16 surgeries, lost 2 1/2 toes & 1/2 thumb after contracting gangrene.However, he makes money behind the camera, too, writing for Real name: T. Jagodowski Estimated net worth: 0,000 Sonic tops the unhealthiest fast food list, but we’re tempted to try it since the bald guy does such a good job selling the food. , but you probably saw him before he hit primetime.He starred alongside cute little kids during AT&T’s “It’s not complicated” ad campaign, which is something we still remember him for.We haven’t seen the Canadian actress in a while, but she has an estimated million net worth because of those T-Mobile commercials., but we’re almost positive you remember Morgan Smith-Goodwin as Red in Wendy’s commercials.

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