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Lysacek is of American and Greek nationality and belongs to mixed ethnicity(Czech/Moravian, Italian, and Syrian).

Evan Lysacek is a famous American figure skater who has won the Four Continents championship in 20, 2009 World championship, the 2009 Grand Prix Final, and 2010 Olympic. He was raised along with his two sisters: Laura Lysacek (Older) and Christina Lysacek (Younger).After the completion of his school level, he went to Neuqua Valley High School and graduated from there in and also took part in the 2001 U. After that, he took part in 2009 World champion championship and was able to win the title.Not to mention, he is also the winner of the 2010 Olympics. Evan Lysacek has a net worth of million collected from his longtime professional skating career.Despite the 36 year age difference it seems these two might actually make sense! Oh, and let’s not forget that he moonlights as a model for Ralph Lauren!I’m guessing Vera might actually be more than just a conquest in Evan’s MILF phase.

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We spent Thanksgiving and Christmas in Chicago with my family, and afterwards they said unanimously …

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