Who is jared leto dating now 2016

Due to the fact that Jared Leto girlfriend does not exist one of his fans asked on his Twitter page what does he think about Kristen Stewart and Jared answered only with one word that has four letters in it “Love”, so if he was serious of just joking it is not clear yet.

Leto has apparently hooked up with many girls including Katty Parry, Katharina Damm, Kristi Mc Daniel, Soleil Moon Frye, Emilia Clarke, Lydia Hearst-Shaw, Lydia Marie Hearst-Shaw Hardwick and many more but those were not more than a fling.

So Jared should pick out the woman that he wants to be, because he is not getting younger.

The 47-year-old actor/singer took to Instagram on Tuesday (August 20) to share a few photos of himself shirtless, baring his ripped abs while wading in a body of water.

Their closeness is telling the whole story itself but nothing has been confirmed yet from any of two.

He has also been associated with a lot of girls previously.

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