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The publication says that Lauer will pay Annette Roque up to million in a divorce.“Things really have settled down," the source told the publication in early 2019."Matt and Annette are getting on and they’re both spending time with their kids.While some felt that Lauer's behavior should disqualify him from being publicly acknowledged—"Thank you for not including Matt Lauer you did the right thing," one Twitter user wrote—others felt that despite the allegations his long service on the show should not have been glossed over.Another Twitter fan argued, "Amazing that a member of “the family” was totally excluded from the 25th Anniversary of Studio 1-A.

Now, Matt Lauer’s name is being thrown into the fray.While the five minute video shared a number of iconic moments from the show's run, fans were quick to point out that Lauer, who served on the show for 20 of its 25 year run, was notably missing from the clips.Opinions were divided on whether or not Lauer deserved to be in the anniversary video.Lauer, who has largely avoided the spotlight since his removal from two years ago, attended the TV exec's 54th birthday celebration along with numerous other friends and colleagues at the “Speakeasy Magick” show at the Mc Kittrick Hotel in New York.Zucker previously served as an executive at NBC, including a stint as executive producer on the show while Lauer was at the helm, and the two are said to have remained friends even after parting ways professionally.

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