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The dress was probably my favorite parts of the whole thing. Was there a thought of wearing your mother's wedding dress? But I really hope my future daughter wears my wedding dress.

I had to do my last one a few days before in Paris, and they were doing their couture show in Rome, so it was a bit crazy. And I really just wanted timeless, classic, beautiful. You're just on such a high, and you're just being pulled in every direction.

I was standing there with my sister, talking to some boy who was chatting up Paris. And I was like, "He's cute, too." [] And then we didn’t see each other till after dinner.

I met my husband at a wedding, the old-fashioned way. No, we didn’t meet till after the reception during the cocktail hour.

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wedding to childhood friend, NYC money-manager Todd Meister.

"It was a beautiful, small wedding with an amazing energy," friend Jeff Beacher, who stood as best man, told reported in 2012 that Meister was still attempting to make contact with Hilton.

The venture, with projected locations in Chicago and Miami, would go bankrupt by 2007, less than a year after plans were announced.

According to , Falor Group then filed a lawsuit against Hilton, claiming she didn't promote the hotels and hired out design they felt she should have done herself.

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