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As mentioned earlier, Rebbie Jackson is the first child of the famous Jackson family which comprised of her parents – Joseph Walter Jackson and Katherine Esther Johnson – as well as her 9 siblings namely: Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, La Toya, Brandon, Marlon, Michael, Randy, and Janet Jackson.

However, Brandon and Michael Jackson – the King of Pop are no more but all her other siblings especially Janet Jackson are icons in the music world.

From her father to each one of her 9 siblings, one can find a mixture of talents that have been seen on TV and heard all over the world irrespective of the chaos they had going on in their home.

On her own side, Rebbie was not too keen to follow through in the family business as she tied the knot at a young age but as fate may have it, she still left her mark in the music world with her melodious vocals and performing skills.

She has also shared the stage with her brother Michael Jackson, who was a singer and the king of pop.

Rebbie Jackson kick-started her career in 1974, when she was 24, performing along with her siblings in Las Vegas.

The R&B star was happily married to Nathaniel Brown till when he lost the battle to cancer on January 6th, 2013.

See Also: Mariah Carey Kids, Sister, Boyfriend, Fiancé, Parents, Husband, Height As at the time Rebbie Jackson was active as an entertainer, she alongside her family became a household name in the music industry and in addition to that, they were financially buoyant both collectively and individually.

For her own part, a net worth of about .5 million is pegged to her name.

Her place of birth was Gary, Indiana which makes her nationality American while her ethnicity is black.

With regards to her education, records show that she successfully completed her high school education at Theodore Roosevelt High School in 1968 but there is no detail about her college education, that is if she had any.

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