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No other lady on this list begins to compare with the sexual appeal of Kelly Kelly.

When the word “wrestling” comes in mind, many people won’t immediately think of hottest ladies, however, during the past 10 to fifteen years, wrestling has become a place that showcases a number of hottest women from the world.A Swedish born, former eight-time World Arm Wrestling Champion, Sarah Bäckman is one of the most decorated women’s arm wrestlers in the world.She is currently working for WWE competing in their developmental territory, NXT Wrestling. She retired from arm wrestling to pursue a wrestling career in May 2013 when she decided to sign with WWE. Ever since the merger between WCW, ECW, and WWE, it seems that a lot of the beautiful women in wrestling moved onto TNA.Kaitlyn was the first female to ever win the show in season three.It featured other women you will come across on this list, but Kaitlyn came out victorious.

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