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Hopefully the crypto world will mature in the upcoming years and people will use it for payments.

That would help customers stay anonymous and there will be no charge-backs.

It's something you could probably arbitrage profitably if you were a bank, but by the time you get to be a big enough bank you are bound into the stodgy culture of banking ("ewww porn").

That ship has sailed however; there's not much money in porn anymore.

The tube sites have killed the content business; this is a shrinking industry.

An exotic tech stack really narrows the already small pool of people willing to work for an adult company.

We tried to get more merchant accounts and were unsuccessful.

It's difficult because (IIRC) banks only allow a certain percentage of their total volume to be "high risk" and porn is in that bucket no matter how low your chargeback rate is and how long you've been established.

Or am I missing something very obvious here and talking uninformed? I am not asking about site names or anything identifiable; just the tech side of things. Big sites makes millions and of course have full time dev team. E.g provide best moments on the player timeline, add face recognition to categorize actors, buff the infra for live cams, etc. I sometimes wondered if I should try and work in the area; these people seem to constantly have to do stuff better and better which is an appealing aspect for me and keeps me from being bored. Also, are you folks open to something newer in terms of stacks?

And as more and more time passes, I don't care for societal approval. Something much more efficient and fast out of the box, like Go or Erlang/Elixir?

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